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Glass waterfalls add a special ambiance to any residence or office...

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Etched Glass

We take great pride in our etched glass, it is one of our favorite specialties...

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Innovative Glass LLC specializes in the fabrication and installation of raised glass counters, carved glass art, architectural laminated glass art, and glass waterfeatures. Read More


The newest addition to our product line is kiln formed glass. We create many exciting new looks with bent and fused glass.

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Fiber Optics

In certain applications of carved glass lighting is critical to the visual impact of the presentation. Read further about our fiber optics applications.

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Over the years, glass waterfeatures have become our signature pieces. Waterfeatures add a delightful, soothing touch to any environment.

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Raised glass counters and transaction tops are creating a new look in todays office. These tops give the look of suspended glass and can be mounted on all types of cabinet or base materials.

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Vessel sinks have become a popular way to bring elegance and art glass to any sink location.  The sinks are created to show your personal flair. They reflect and enhance the surrounding colors and details.

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Etched glass offers the flexibility of creating unique designs specific to the surroundings. Artwork ranges from simple, shaded geometrics to detailed scenes of landscapes, animals, birds, fish, virtually anything to tie into a specific decor or make its own bold statement.

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